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We can install Microsoft FrontPage 2002 extensions for your account. This will allow you to use the Microsoft FrontPage program to create and maintain your web site. You may request that FrontPage extensions be installed within your web site when placing an order for domain web hosting services, or you may contact our support department to have them installed at a later date.

Service: Technical support is provided via telephone and e-mail. Our support staff knows the servers from the ground floor up, and can answer most technical questions in a matter of minutes.

Fiber Optic Speed and Performance: There will be no compromise on speed or performance. The servers and network infrastructures are upgraded before the need arises. Your site will be hosted on a powerful Sun Sparc Web Server using Apache web server software.

Reliability: Redundancy is key to reliability. Mirrored hard drives and nightly backups and automatic monitoring are all part of our effort to assure that your site is online at all times. Six 45 Mbps DS3 Fiber-optic connections to the Internet on diverse backbones provide the bandwidth and stability to get your message to its intended audience. By maintaining six connections you are ensured fast, reliable access even if one of these major backbone providers suffers an outage. And, with a our own backup generator, the servers can operate standalone electrical power for several days if a black out occurs.

Convenient Access: You have total control of your Web site content from anywhere in the world. With easy-to-use online control panels, you can change your account settings instantly using your favorite web browser. You have full and unlimited access via FTP and Microsoft FrontPage.

Full Virtual Presence: The features that you’ll receive give you not just a Web site, but a full virtual presence with multiple email addresses, email forwarding, mail auto-responders and the popular Excite search engine - plus streaming media support and more. All of these mean absolutely zero hardware administration and maintenance for your team, and all at affordable prices that are perfectly suited for small and big businesses alike.

Satisfaction Guarantee: We understand that selecting a home for your web site is a critical business decision, so we’ve taken the risk out of this important process. Try our web site hosting for the guarantee period. If you are not completely satisfied, for any reason, we will refund your money (less any setup fee).

Web Hosting Policy: No pornographic or obscene material of any kind. No activities that are illegal in the United States. No material that we find to be degrading or offensive. No spamming or bulk, unsolicited email.

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Please review our hosting plan Comparison Chart to find the hosting plan best suited for you or your business. You may also contact us to discuss your web site hosting needs.

Microsoft provides direct support for all FrontPage users. FrontPage extensions are available with all our web hosting plans.

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